Welcome to Samdec Security

Our Business

We will always operate with integrity and reliability with all the services we provide and to continually deliver a quality of service that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Quality to our Customers

In the delivery of our service we aim to offer customers a flexible and mutually beneficial relationship that is built on total quality.  As the basis of our success depends on customer satisfaction we will always add value to all our services through innovation thus meeting all our customers’ needs.

Quality to our Employees

Our goal is to provide an environment where each employee is valued and contributes fully to their job.  In achieving this we will encourage continual personal development through supported programs of training and mentoring.  We will acknowledge the wide range of skills and achievements that our staff gain and ensure that leadership is always demonstrated by example.

Our Environment

We will ensure that we develop policies and procedures that care for the environment, our employees and customers Health & Safety, Social Responsibility and equal opportunities in all areas of our business.  Involvement of advisory and statutory agencies will be integral to our success in caring for our environment and these links will be continually strengthened. We will always adhere to our Industries Regulations, the Standards we hold and our quality policy to ensure we always achieve the highest standards.  Continual improvement and growth will be our core value.

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